Garm | Norse Mythology


In Norse mythology, Garm or Garmr ("Howler") is the dog chained to the cave Gnipahellir, from where he guards the entrance to the world of the dead (sometimes identified with Niflheim).

It is only during the Ragnarök that Garm will break his chains to participate in the conflict in which he will fight Tyr and perish against him. The god will also succumb to the wounds inflicted by Garm.

The latter can be compared to Fenrir.

Garm in Popular Culture

  • Garm appears in the manga Ah! My Goddess. His inspiration in the work is generally faithful to the mythological figure.
  • He also appears in the MMORPG Ragnarök Online, as a recurring boss, as well as in World of Warcraft (in its expansion World of Warcraft: Legion, during the raid taking place in Helheim: Judgment of the Valiant).
  • Garm is also a boss in the video game Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. He is called Fenrir later in the game.
  • Garm is also the name given to the wolf that accompanies Eir Stegalkin in the MMORPG Guild Wars 2.
  • Garm is the name given to the giant necrophagous wolves appearing in the Action-RPG Dragon's Dogma, more precisely in the Bitter Reef, area of the "Dark Arisen" expansion.