Sol | Norse Mythology


Sól is part of the family of the Aesir gods. She is the Sun Goddess of Nordic mythology, like her brother the Moon God (Máni), both of them are pursued by the wolves Skoll and Hati the offspring of the giant wolf Fenrir.

Sól rode every day on her chariot drawn by the two horses Arvak and Alsvid. She was pursued by the wolf Sköll, who wanted to devour her.

During a solar eclipse, it was thought that Sól was almost eaten by Sköll. Sól would eventually be swallowed, but her place would then be taken by her daughter.

The sun itself was called Alfrodull, which means as much as "Alfenrad." In Norse belief, the sun itself gave no light; this was given by the moons Alsvid and Arvak.

The Old Norse name Sól means "sun." In Germanic mythology, the second Merseburg spell mentioned Sunna (Old High German for "sun"). In addition, she is also known as Sunne. Her Anglo-Saxon name is Sigel.

Sól is the daughter of the giantess Mundilfari who was married to Glaur. She was married to Glenr.

The earth is protected from the heat of the sun by Swalin who stood between Sól and the earth like a shield.