Ullr | Norse Mythology


Ullr is in Norse mythology the god of hunting, justice, and winter.

He lives in Ydalir and is an excellent archer and skier. He is the son of Sif and stepson of Thor. His father is the jontum Orvandil. His wife is the jotunn Skadi, who divorced Njord.

The god of the hunt who excels in the art of bow and arrow maneuvering and skiing. His position in the hierarchy is even more obscure than that of Heimdall; there are no myths about him and in recent times he has remained an unimportant Viking god.

However, his name forms an element in certain Scandinavian toponyms, this evidence suggesting that he was known and worshipped in southern Norway and central Sweden, but not in Denmark. The general conclusion is that in Viking times Ullr was an ancient deity already on the way to oblivion.

In other sources of mythology, it is told that the god for a time reigned in Asgard in place of Odin), who was removed by the other gods in assembly for misconduct in a romance he had.

But Ullr's reign was rather short, lasting only ten years; Odin drove the intruder from Asgard and again occupied the throne.

Ullr then went to Sweden, and there he soon gained a reputation as a great sorcerer and magician; he is said to possess a bone on which he has carved magic formulas so powerful that he can use it as a ship, and cross the seas.