Ansuz represents the A sound in the runic alphabet and literally means "god" referring to the gods and goddesses of Aesir and Vanir in Norse Mythology. Ansuz represents the many descendants of concepts such as literacy, interpretive ability, intellect, balance between spiritual and physical existence, runemaster/mistress, shaman, sorcerer, or clairvoyant.

Ansuz Rune Meaning

One can expect rapidly changing situations when the rune Ansuz is drawn. One finds oneself in a series of new circumstances with few clues about the proper way to proceed.

Even if the conscious mind is confused, the unconscious knows better and will use dreams and strange coincidences to guide. Ansuz may also indicate that the influence of a helpful advisor will soon become a prominent feature in his life and that person is likely to be a man, with much verbose experience and probably of an older generation.

The spoken word and persuasion are the basic meanings of this rune. It should be remembered that the runes are in themselves "words of power" which, as the "Song of Odin" says, "make fetters fall from the feet and bonds burst from the hands."

Thus, the appearance of Ansuz ensures that one can use one's mind and verbal dexterity to free oneself from the restraints when one gets on the right path or learns it. The god-rune aspect of Ansuz should not be ignored: a religious influence can be felt in some way, or one can feel touched by cosmic forces.

Reversed Ansuz Rune Meaning

A loss of voice is indicated by the inverted rune, and this may be literal - a case of laryngitis, perhaps - or, in a symbolic sense, one will not be able to hear oneself.

Problems with communication in general are highlighted. Letters and documents may get lost and one may feel somewhat isolated for a while.

There could also be problems traveling, or your thoughts could get confused. Problems with parents or with older people in general are also likely.

Ansuz Rune Properties

Esoteric Properties

  • Element: Air
  • Tree: Ash
  • Color: Dark blue
  • Stone: Onyx

Physical Properties

  • Psi: mental stability, community, inspiration, listening.
  • Energy: supreme ancestor god, animated spirit, breath, communication, exploration, order, answers.
  • Banal: Words, conversation, symbols, the elders, music.
  • Body part: breathing and respiratory system - lungs, throat, larynx.
  • Illnesses: Congestion, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis.
  • Action: move fast, maybe too fast.
  • Solution: speed up, increase metabolism, increase oxygen.

Additional Properties

  • All the powers of naming and conception.
  • Persuasive and downright magnetic speech and writing, the power of suggestion and hypnosis.
  • Acquisition of creative wisdom, inspiration, ecstasy and divine communication.
  • Reason, analysis and good advice.
  • Connecting and networking.
  • Listening to oneself and one's inner voice.