Dagaz represents the D in the runic alphabet and is the twenty-third rune of the older Futhark. Its names are Old Norse Dag, Old English Daeg, Gothic Daaz and its other names are Dagr, Dagar, Dagur, Dags and Daguz.

It stands for the day. Literally, the name means day, daylight or dawn. Its esoteric meaning is awakening. The gemstone associated with it is peridot.

Dagaz Rune Meaning

It can show that you have reached a point in your spiritual growth and it is now time to take a proud look at all you have accomplished and the distance you have traveled.

In learning from positive and negative experiences and building your resilience from the progress you have already made, you can move forward positively knowing that you will take your next steps with confidence.

Overall, the appearance of the Dagaz Rune can be seen as a very good omen.

Not only alone the Sowilo rune stands for enlightenment, but also Dagaz. Sowilo represents the energy that sends you on a quest. This is finished with Dagaz. At least a decisive stage is reached.

But the rune is not exclusively about such ambitious goals as spiritual ascent. From a general point of view, it is a symbol for answering open questions. It is above all mysteries on which it throws a light of clarity. These can spring from everyday life, be esoteric or scientific.

One of the last tarot cards of the Major Arcana is the "Sun". This one can be compared with Dagaz. Like the sun, the rune stands for that illuminating light that answers questions and gives strength at the same time.

Dagaz is comparable to an awakening on a new day. One is rested and fresh, has perhaps reconsidered something and sees many things in a new light. The world is a different one than it was the night before.

New information and experiences help to new points of view, knowledge and wisdom. Enlightenment can have many forms. It can be permanent, or temporary at first. Like the energetic awakening on a new and bright day.

Inverted Dagaz Rune Meaning

Dagaz is a fixed rune and has no reverse meaning.

Dagaz Rune Properties

Esoteric Properties

  • Element: Fire and Air
  • Tree: Ash
  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Gemstone: Peridot

Physical Properties

  • Key concepts: Hyper-consciousness, awakening, conceptual realization, enlightenment, non-duality, synthesis, transmutation, consciousness, paradigm shift, faith.
  • Psi: paradoxical truth, incompatible experience, conceptual realization, enlightenment.
  • Energy: twilight / dawn polarity, non-dual reality, unity, synthesis, transmutation.
  • Banal: another day, daylight, the inevitability of dawn.

Additional Properties

  • Reaching the mystical moment by penetrating the mystery of paradox or non-duality.
  • Receiving the mystical inspiration - the gift of Odin.
  • Disappearance and the act of becoming invisible.
  • Invisibility as an organizational principle of the higher consciousness.
  • Synthesis of the right-brain dynamics.
  • Transformation of a thing into its opposite.
  • Integration of female and male into one complete being.