Ehwaz in the ancient Norse alphabet is said to represent a pair of horses in full gallop, their eight hooves hitting the ground. The "vehicle of the soul" or the physical body is also symbolized by this rune.

Since Ehwaz represents a team of horses, relationships of all kinds fall under the auspices of this rune. Status is also part of its symbolism because in ancient times owning a good horse was a sign of having an exalted rank, while owning a team of horses catapulted one into the realms of the higher status quo.

It is also said that apart from horses, all other domesticated animals are symbolized by Ehwaz. In terms of plants, the rune refers to the apple tree and has associations with the oak and ash. 

Ehwaz Rune Meaning

When Ehwaz appears either singly or as the first rune of a reading, you can be sure that things will be picked up with speed and change for the better.

This rune is a rune of great concepts, of major projects and new and exciting adventures. It is also said the meanings of other runes emphasize reading and accelerate the events it predicts.

The most common interpretation of Ehwaz indicates travel, usually to a new place that will provide the physical and mental stimulation you crave.

However, it could equally indicate moving or forming a partnership with a person who has a will as strong as yours.

The importance of forming a team, running in harness and not falling, is also implied. It also signifies the need to treat partners with the respect they deserve, demonstrate loyalty, advise them on important issues, and ensure that the bonds between each other remain strong despite the challenges you find yourself in.

The rune can have a connection with higher education, especially if one is involved in subjects that are studied, such as the sciences. However the Ehwaz rune manifests in life, an increase in personal status and from those around you is certain.

Inverted Ehwaz Rune Meaning

Problems with travel and vehicles are indicated when this rune is reversed. Friends and family may not agree with ideas and this thwarts ambition with unnecessary delays. There may also be health concerns related to pets.

Ehwaz Rune Properties

Esoteric Properties

  • Element: Earth
  • Tree: Oak and Ash
  • Color: Green, White
  • Gemstone: Calcite and Sapphire

Physical Properties

  • Psi: Trust between individual beings, sexuality.
  • Energy: Trust, cooperation, fetch.
  • Banal: Animals, teamwork, friendship.
  • Divination: harmony, teamwork, trust, marriage, loyalty, friend; or repetition, disharmony, distrust, betrayal, nightmares, indecision, an enemy.
  • Body part: arms and legs.
  • Associated ailments: Overwork, overtiredness, works too much like a tired draft horse.
  • Action: Moving.
  • Solution: Keep everything moving, but slowly and gently

Additional Properties

  • Ability to detect fraud and uncover discreet queues
  • Facilitates speed in all respects
  • Confidence building and linkages with animals (i.e. horse whisperer).