The rune Eihwaz became known as Eoh in Old English and is associated with trees. The rune is said to symbolize the apple tree, the poplar and the yew.

The latter identification seems to be the strongest because yew trees were made into arches. The yew tree is often found near cemeteries, so it becomes a symbol of the past growing into the future.

It is probably also connected with Yggdrasil, the "world tree", the backbone of the universe. Eihwaz is another rune associated with horses, especially the mighty Sleipnir, the eight-legged steed of Odin

Eihwaz Rune Meaning

The appearance of Eihwaz in a reading indicates progress. Even though life moves at a very slow pace, a new situation will soon manifest itself and events will accelerate so quickly that it will be difficult to keep track of everything. You have to pay close attention to what is happening in order to keep up.

Characteristics such as adaptability and a willingness to make a quick decision will be crucial, because it is best to do so with this positive rune.

Eihwaz is closely related to hunting skills, so you have to act as if you were an old archer: wait until the target is in your field of vision and then, when the moment is right, strike.

Don't worry about missing the moment or, in fact, missing the target: one has the acumen and shrewdness to choose the right time and act boldly when the opportunity arises.

Eihwaz shows that bravery has every indication of success. This rune encourages one to gather courage and take a risk. Its message is one like "nothing ventured, nothing gained" and now is the time to take action.

Eihwaz is thus considered an auspicious rune for gamblers and those who live by their wits. Its appearance in a reading can show the positive influence of a strong will, especially a woman.

Another good aspect of Eihwaz is that under its influence expected problems will not arise. The rune also shows long-term benefits, even if you are dealing with an unpleasant or stressful situation for a short time, Eihwaz is a useful indicator for students and will also disperse storms and calm stormy emotions.

Inverted Eihwaz Rune Meaning

Eihwaz is a fixed rune and cannot be reversed.

Eihwaz Rune Properties

Esoteric Properties

  • Element: Fire, Water
  • Tree: Yew
  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Gemstone: Ruby, Turquoise

Physical Properties

  • Psi: Secrets of death, the timeless, Kundalini.
  • Energy: Axis of heaven-earth-hell, secrecy, coding, immortality, the chakra system (Vril).
  • Banal: Longevity, initiations, trees.
  • Body part: Skin, the first line of defense of the body.
  • Associated ailments: Skin diseases, skin infections, hypersensitivity, skin rashes.
  • Action: Excessive defense.
  • Solution: Help build the body's defenses.

Additional Properties

  • Introduction to the wisdom of the world tree (Yggdrasil) and vril (chakras).
  • Liberation from the fear of death.
  • Development of spiritual perseverance and a hard will to gain initiative.
  • Spiritual vision.