Also known as the rune for money, wealth, good fortune, abundance, success, and luck, Fehu represents the F sound in the Futhark alphabets. Its name means "wealth", which is often interpreted as "sheep" or "cattle".

Fehu Rune Meaning

Fehu is known as an indicator of wealth and symbolizes cattle or sheep. Before the introduction of money, herds of cattle were the measure of wealth among ancient peoples.

So when this rune is found in the future position, a profitable time lies ahead. However, just as the ancients sacrificed one of their herds over and over again to show the gods that they were grateful for their good fortune, it is equally important that you receive the gifts of Fehu with humility.

The rune also suggests that one should take care of the possessions that are already in your possession and that one should save one's resources for the times when the warmth of the comforting fire is cooled by icy blast of winter.

Even if one feels that the comfort of Him or Her is gone, one should try to take the opportunity to ensure that the happy state continues. Conversely, when one feels the bite of poverty, Fehu promises that the time will soon come for you to become prosperous once again.

Aside from these material concerns, the appearance of Fehu can also signify fertility, birth, and new beginnings of all kinds. Likewise, as the "Song of Odin" says, when you are in misery or sorrow, the rune Fehu will bring maternal comfort, which is one of the most precious things in the world.

Immaterially Fehu kisses our awake spirit, she is the source of our thoughts and ideas. It is allowed to bubble and bring forth many new impulses. No stagnation - constant liveliness in our being.

Fehu is also the rune of selfless abundance. So act for the good of all and not for pure self-interest. See to it that all life flows - remains a cycle.

If you succeed, this abundance will carry you and give you the strength and courage to help other people.

Reversed Fehu Rune Meaning

A reversal of fortune, resulting in the loss of something valuable, is likely when this rune is reversed.

The association of Fehu with wealth and property suggests that this loss will involve a material possession, but it may also refer to the departure of a loved one or close friend.

However, since the basic nature of Fehu is nurturing, the loss will be made up over time. Tradition also says that the reversed Fehu rune can refer to problems with conception or fertility in general.

Fehu Rune Properties

Esoteric Properties

  • Element: Fire
  • Color: Fire red
  • Tree: Elderberry
  • Tarot: The Tower, The Magician
  • Stone: Fire Garnet

Physical Properties

  • Keywords: wealth, money, food, hamingja (prowess and courage), happiness, personal power, circulation of power, financial strength, prosperity.
  • Psi: beginnings, present, freedom, first impressions, young love
  • Energy: mobility, luck, charisma, dynamic power, fluid and mobile transmittable energies, abundance, circulation, "mana", sexual attraction.
  • Banal: Money, new purchases, reputation, freshness, fashion.
  • Divination: new beginnings, social success, foresight, energy, travel, money, control; or greed, failure, atrophy, poverty, endings.
  • Body part: bones and teeth.
  • Associated afflictions: Calcium is accumulated or builds up, serious obesity.
  • Action: excessive irritability, excessive fatness, calcification, build up of issues.
  • Solution: add fat, minerals, extra nutrients to make things richer.

Additional Properties 

  • Transfer the energy to another, power transfer or projection; the rune that sends.
  • Draw seriousness into the personal sphere.
  • Promote personal and social development and change important circumstances.
  • Increase personal monetary wealth.
  • Begin to use the mind and the present as a tool to consciously make a new start.
  • Magical Power: In magic, Fehu can be used to act as a vehicle for the transmission or projection of power. A money spell is given the proper impetus by Fehu. Fehu intoned in long sounds helps to light a fire that is hard to start.
  • Healing Power: Fehu can bring new inspiration. Be the igniting spark, so to speak. It also has a strengthening effect on the psyche and the immune system.