The rune Gebo is the rune of love and the 7th letter of the runic alphabet. The cross shape of this rune symbolizes the sacred mark, the existing connection between man and the gods. Gebo can also be a gift, a sharing, a building connected to the one who gives and the one who receives, creating a state of balance and harmony.

Gebo also indicates the gifts that the gods have offered to humanity, symbolizing the fact that people can be able to be generous if they want. It also teaches that one learns by being a creator, and that creativity involves the gift. 

Gebo Rune Meaning

Giving and receiving gifts was important in every society. As a gesture of mutual respect and a symbol of tenderness is meant the custom of binding people together.

That is why we can still mark affectionate letters with an "X" to denote a kiss, while in earlier times, when most people were illiterate, documents were signed with an "X",signifying acceptance of the contract.

To bring the relationship aspect to the fore, Gebo means both the giver and the receiver of a gift. Everything should be fine as long as there are conditions and both parties know the limits of their agreement, even if nothing material is actually given.

Payment for the gift can come in the form of simple gratitude, but if that is withheld, then resentment and strife will be the result. The same applies to the giver: a gift should be given with an open heart, otherwise the giver will be forced into an obligation and the recipient will feel worthless.

When Gebo appears, it is certain to be honorably bound to help someone very soon. However, it is important to judge exactly how much help you should give. After all, if you are too generous, then that needy person may become overly reliant on you; if you are not generous enough, then you may also be seen as a miser and your reputation may suffer.

Inverted Gebo Rune Meaning

Gebo is a fixed rune and does not have any reverse meaning.

Gebo Rune Properties

Esoteric Properties

  • Element: Air
  • Tree: Elm
  • Color: Deep blue
  • Gemstone: Amber, Opal

Physical Properties

  • Key Concepts: gifts, giving, taking, trade, sacrifice, exchange process, balance, compensation, equilibrium, generosity, hospitality, honor.
  • Psi: gratitude, forgiveness, appreciation.
  • Energy: exchanged powers, sacrifice, dissolving barriers by giving gifts.
  • Banal: material gifts, gratitude, trade.
  • Part of the body: heart - the great crossroads of the body, the circulatory system.
  • Associated ailments: Heart disease.
  • Action: good action.
  • Solution: rest, relaxation, give more attention and care to health.

Additional Properties

  • Sex magic.
  • Mystical union and "sacred marriage" between partners.
  • Understanding the true meaning of gift and commitment.
  • Giving from the inside.
  • Harmony between brothers and sisters and lovers.
  • Favors, contracts, obligations, making debts and getting income.