The rune Hagalaz literally means "hail" or "sleet" in runic alphabet and represents cold winds and bad weather. Since the ancient Norse people were known to travel extensively, especially by sea, such weather conditions were not only disruptive, but very dangerous.

Hagalaz predicts an explosion of destruction sweeping through our lives and is the rune associated with other possible misfortunes as well, such as the venom of a snake. This rune is associated with the fury of nature and the rune that indicates that you will also be tested.

Hagalaz Rune Meaning

Hagalaz is the rune of the unknown, of frightening and mysterious events. The presence of this rune means that sudden, disturbing things are going to happen and life will be turned upside down for a while.

One will have very little power to avert these events that will become harsh like cold, arctic winds and confuse the senses with swirling sleet.

This meaning of cold is quite literally perceived as a disruption of travel plans because of bad weather conditions, but it is more likely that the interpretation goes beyond the literal meaning.

It is good that the cold winds of the icy reality, will soon give way to the softer breezes of spring, so the hope in the sense of Hagalaz is unspoken.

All you have to do is wait out the storm and make sure you stay warm. Hagalaz is also considered the rune of players, especially those who risk a lot. Since it is the ninth in the older Futhark series, it has an equivalent in the number nine.

Inverted Hagalaz Rune Meaning

Hagalaz is a fixed rune and does not have a reverse meaning.

Hagalaz Rune Properties

Esoteric Properties

Element: Water

Tree: Hawthorn and yew

Color: Light blue

Deity: Hel

Gemstone: Amber, onyx and lapis lazuli.

Physical Properties

  • Key concepts: Hailstones, crisis and catastrophe, disruption, radical change, destructive elements of nature, severe weather, uncontrollable, unavoidable unpleasantness, psychologoic shadow, psychoanalysis, regression, acceptance of the unchangeable.
  • Psi: disturbance, change, personal past.
  • Energy: power over human ability to use, perfect pattern, seed formation, objective confrontation, destructive forces of nature, chaos.
  • Banal: bad weather, obstacles, surprises, protection.
  • Body part: brain chemistry. The "weather" of the brain.
  • Associated ailments: Mental illness due to poor chemistry, possibly affecting physical responses.
  • Action: Chaotic, troubled.
  • Solution: Overcome problems with radical and hard solutions - it is the only chance.

Additional Properties

  • Completeness and balance of power, integration of unconscious shadow elements.
  • The inevitability of fate, Wyrd, Orlog.
  • Evolutionary progress and execution of developments.
  • The elaboration of a perfect pattern.
  • Protection by banishing or exorcising disharmonic patterns, protection.
  • Awareness of the unconscious ideas for the eventual processing.