Ingwaz represents the NG (pronounced en-jee) in the runic alphabet and is the twenty-second rune of the older Futhark. Its names are Old Norse Ing, Old English Ing, Gothic enguz and its other names are Iggus, Ingvarr and Ingwar.

It stands for the name of a Germanic god. Literally, the name means angel or dedicated to the Germanic god. Her esoteric meaning is process, space. The gemstone associated with it is amber.

Ingwaz Rune Meaning

Overall, the appearance of the Ingwaz rune is considered a good omen in relation to all areas of life and can bring up the novelty for you.

It also brings to you an opportunity that, once given, cannot be ignored. Starting a new project or making a bold decision could greatly change your life for the better.

The significance can also be a time of rebirth, a release of burdens, overcoming obstacles before moving on.

The twenty-second rune of the older Futhark means "God". To enter into contact with the divine, in the world of the Teutons, as in other cultures, a certain inner maturity was usually required.

The rune Ingwaz is a symbol of the divine. However, it is not just about worshipping someone or acknowledging their existence. Rather, gods such as Odin, Thor or Tyr are considered as role models for humans.

It is a matter of conforming to them. In the history of mankind, this has always been done by attaining a special degree of development of maturity and purity.

Retreat and hermitics were seen in many cultures as a way to discover divine wisdom. By isolating oneself from the real world of people, one also disconnects from it. This allows one to focus one's energies and attention on one's inner self.

And there one meets the divine. In Hebrew, "Jehovah" is equivalent to "I am." Likewise, "Jehovah" also means "God." Such a withdrawal is usually not permanent, but until one attains a certain level of wisdom and maturity.

Logically, if someone represents the god or gods on earth, then they must be a very mature, highly developed person. An identifying sign of this maturity is not infrequently power and possessions. This can be an ecclesiastical power, such as that of the pope.

But it can also be a worldly maturity, such as that of the patriarch. The latter is a successful person who has wealth and possessions. In certain worldviews, God is with those who are materially successful.

Thus, the patriarch is presumed to have a special closeness to the divine. The god as represented by Ingwaz need not be approached through massive worldly success or prolonged hermitism.

Retreat as well as material happiness can always be found in small things. Seclusion can last only a few important moments. Likewise, worldly success is just as recognizable by a felt material freedom, which may only show itself over a period of time.

Apart from that, many other paths lead to God. The world religions as well as the esoteric secret teachings show many of them. Perhaps the power of Ingwaz will help to discover still others.

Inverted Ingwaz Rune Meaning

Ingwaz is a fixed rune and cannot be reversed.

Ingwaz Rune Properties

Esoteric Properties

  • Element: Water and earth
  • Tree: Apple Tree
  • Color: Green, Yellow
  • Gemstone: Amber

Physical Properties

  • Key concepts: the unconscious, unity of all life, biosphere, imagination, psychic power, dreams, karma, projection, collective memory, archetypal patterning, depth, flow of reality.
  • Psi: internal growth, personal development, the power of suggestion, the inner child, wholeness.
  • Energy: earth god, stored energy, pregnancy process, male mysteries, subtlety, planned ruptures.
  • Banal: male sexuality, agriculture.

Additional Properties

  • Storage and transformation of power for ritual use.
  • Stored energy.
  • Passive meditation and centering of energy and thought.
  • Sudden release of energy.
  • All forms of subtle creative action.