Mannaz represents the M in the runic alphabet and is the twentieth rune of the older Futhark. Its names are Old Norse madr, Old English man and Gothic manna. It stands for mankind.

Literally, the name Mannaz means humanity or man. Its esoteric meanings are humanity and consciousness. The gemstone associated with it is garnet.

Mannaz Rune Meaning

Care and contemplation are also associated with the Mannaz rune and can indicate that one should be charitable.

Overall, the appearance of the Mannaz rune should be seen as a wake-up call to discover oneself before looking at the problems, issues and concerns of others, the wider community and the planet.

Mannaz depicts man with all his aspects. That would be, among other things, man and woman, as well as the male and female side of the individual. In order to grow spiritually, the inner male as well as female side should be in harmony with each other.

The objectively perceivable reality assumes a much more important significance than the subjective inner life. In order to understand this reality, the basic consideration can be helpful that there is nothing absolute in science and every natural law known so far could be revoked by new observations.

Thereby it is always the human being who makes these observations by his researches, experiments and thought processes.

In Mannaz is contained a key to the discovery of magic. Esotericism divides man on the one hand into a feminine and a masculine side. On the other hand, it distinguishes between an "inside" and an "outside".

The famous philosopher Hermes Trismegistus once called the magic formula: "As inside, so outside". This was taken up by many esotericists and understood as a guide to carry the inner will into the outer reality.

For a wish to become reality, it must first arise within, become real there and mature. The firm faith in the strength of this internal conception ensures then for the fact that this strengthens also in the external world. Center of this magic formula is the human being and his perception, as he is represented by the rune Mannaz.

Inverted Mannaz Rune Meaning

The reverse meaning of the Mannaz rune refers to the feelings of being blocked and possibly deceived by a loved one of the opposite sex.

Dishonesty and being used by someone are also found in the reverse meaning of the Mannaz rune.

Mannaz Rune Properties

Esoteric Properties

  • Element: Air
  • Tree: Vine
  • Color: Blue
  • Gemstone: Garnet

Physical Properties

  • Key concepts: Humanity, intelligence, mind and memory, thought, imagination, human evolution, divine structure in human civilization, analysis, planning, cooperation, oneself serving the community, the human condition.
  • Psi: mind and memory (Huginn & Muninn), the difference between man and all other life, development of intellect, rational mind, perfect intelligence.
  • Energy: the psychic order of the gods reflected in humanity, projection of self into time.
  • Banal: Thinking, planning, analyzing, human condition, people as a whole (contemporary: the masses).

Additional Properties

  • Self-actualization.
  • Realization of the divine structure in humanity.
  • Increase of intelligence, memory and spiritual powers (temporary tests).
  • Unlocking of the Third Eye, the "Eye of the Spirit.
  • Activation of the dynamics of your own inner Christ or higher self.
  • Awareness of our roles as co-creators with the gods and nature.
  • Mental and spiritual potential.