The rune Naudhiz means "need" and represents the letter "N" in the common alphabet. It is the rune of necessity and its name means "need". This rune also has connections with the so-called "emergency fire" or famine, and with rowan and beech trees as well.

Naudhiz Rune Meaning

Naudhiz is likely to appear when one is attacked by doubt and uncertainty. In fact, the rune shows that one should think very carefully before acting.

A realistic attitude is crucial, but it is also important to remember that realism is not synonymous with pessimism.

Naudhiz is basically the rune of necessity, so some action is necessary no matter how much fear and lack of confidence hinder activities.

Strength of character and a determination to control these negative emotions will be seen in this period. Another aspect of the rune is the importance of recognizing your own limitations and acting accordingly. Pushing yourself too hard will solve little at this time.

Irritation with your own failures can also make you intolerant of the failures of others. Although the period predicted by Naudhiz is unlikely to be pleasant, it will end well.

Happiness is waiting around the corner, and happiness is especially likely to come from older relatives and true friends who will stick with you through thick and thin.

Inverted Naudhiz Rune Meaning

Frustrations and stresses of the upright Naudhiz rune are even more apparent when the rune is inverted.

The norn of the future seems more heavily veiled than usual, and one will find it difficult to anticipate upcoming events. One may lack a clear sense of direction and thus be easily led into unwise actions.

Beware of quick wealth and false friends. On the other hand, the appearance of the reversed Naudhiz rune may simply be an indication that the answer to your question is currently unknown... even to the runes!

Naudhiz Rune Properties

Esoteric Properties

  • Element: Earth and fire
  • Tree: Beech
  • Color: Gray
  • Gemstone: Amber

Physical Properties

  • Key Concepts: Necessity, resistance, compulsion, conflict, drama, effort, necessity, urgency, hard work, distress fires, life lessons, creative friction, hardship, power of growth.
  • Psi: resistance, necessity, effort.
  • Energy: necessity, brought into being, urgency.
  • Banal: doing what needs to be done, tiresome, hard work.
  • Part of the body: stomach. The place that burns what you need.
  • Associated afflictions: Malnutrition. Eating disorders.
  • Action: stuck or stopped by a lack of something necessary.
  • Solution: more nutritious diet that ensures to get all the necessary nutrients.

Additional Properties 

  • Overcoming hardship.
  • Acceptance of the unchangeable.
  • Development of the magical will, the manipulation of Wyrd.
  • Understanding the dynamic power of "resistance" in the process of creation.
  • Protection of one's own needs.
  • Recognition of personal need.
  • Love magic; especially to get a lover.