Known by the Anglo-Saxons as Peoro, the rune Perthro is associated primarily with mysteries and the pleasures that result from its revelation. Perthro is also associated with birth and death, beginnings and endings of all kinds. The mysteries of the occult and of what lies before and after life are related ideas.

Another side of the rune is its connection with play, and the shape of the rune suggests a dice bowl. The word "Perthro" is said to mean a pledge or game stamp, so playing the game and winning and losing are powerful concepts in relation to this fateful rune.

Perthro Rune Meaning

If Perthro is the first, or even the only, rune of a person's reading, you should stop immediately.

The rune informs that person that one is not meant to know the answer to the question at that time. Any accusation about that person would change the pattern of the web of Wyrd, and the Norns will not reveal information that would jeopardize their hard work.

But when Perthro appears in the middle or at the end of a reading, fate takes a hand in your affairs and the celebration is in good company. The rune suggests that you play the game of life well, and that is definitely a winning streak. Prophetic dreams are also associated with this aspect of Perthro.

It can also give news of a birth, a new venture, or even any event that will transform your life and how you live it. However, Perthro is associated with secrets; use any information that comes your way with discretion. It would not do well to reveal your hand before you have made your play.

Inverted Perthro Rune Meaning

Fate can deal a crushing blow when Perthro is reversed in a reading. The pattern of fate takes on a darker hue and the game of life will turn the board into something quite frightening and unfamiliar.

Maybe you overestimated your chances of success and overplayed your hand. There are facts that you are not aware of, but you have to proceed so carefully, do not play and wait until the Norns are in a better mood.

Perthro Rune Properties

Esoteric Properties

  • Element: Water
  • Tree: Beech
  • Color: Black
  • Gemstone: Aquamarine

Physical Properties

  • Psi: Agreement, living with the unknown, the art and magic of guessing, pattern recognition, prophecy.
  • Energy: evolutionary force, luck, nothingness, the unborn, the unmanifested.
  • Banal: Gambling, random events, guessing.
  • Body part: neurological functions of the brain; synapses.
  • Associated ailments: Seizures, convulsions, epilepsy, stroke, synapse interference.
  • Action: Random, periodic work.
  • Solution: Hope for happiness; this is not in your control.

Additional Properties

  • Perception of the layers of Örlög and Wyrd.
  • Manipulation of cause and effect.
  • Putting runic forces into the flow of the nornic law.
  • Changing the probability and dependence on luck.
  • Creating favorable circumstances.
  • Chance, gambling, fortune telling and the art of guessing.