Raidho corresponds to the letter R in the runic alphabet and is literally translated as "riding" in Old Norse. In later usage, it meant a chariot or covered wagon, as well as the original concept of riding a horse.

One can equate Raidho to any form of vehicle or any type of travel and all types of transportation, journeys, vehicles, roads, cargos, and travelers. It can also mean to an unexpected or forced journey or, in fact, the change of circumstances that break a deadlock, because that is also a kind of journey in itself.

Raidho Rune Meaning

The rune Raidho symbolizes journeys of all kinds, both in the world and in the personal, inner realm. The use of correct judgment is also implied, with the advised course to act honorably.

Doing the right thing will always bring a respect and admiration of the relatives. It also suggests that the road one travels may not always be easy, but that the eventual rewards will be worth the trials and tribulations one will encounter along the way.

Raidho can also be interpreted as an edge in some ventures. Legal and official matters of all kinds will be completed to satisfaction, and promises, oaths, and testimonies will come to fruition.

However, this is not a rune of advice: in fact, the opposite is true, as Raidho clearly states that it is one's judgment that will outweigh any other point of view.

Its appearance warns against entrusting your plans to anyone, so keep your advice to yourself, think deeply and once your mind is balanced; do not waver on your course.

Inverted Raidho Rune Meaning

Disruptions to one's plans are inevitable, but that doesn't mean you can abandon your long-term intentions. The road you're threading can be rocky at the moment, but you shouldn't be discouraged.

Short-term problems can be depressing, but it's important that you don't lose sight of the bigger picture. A financial venture or lawsuit may not turn out the way you want, or you may buy something that promises to solve a problem but only creates more problems. Hold on to faith: this troublesome period won't last forever.

Raidho Rune Properties

Esoteric Properties

  • Element: Air
  • Medicinal herb: Mugwort
  • Tree: Elderberry
  • Color: Red
  • Gemstone: Malachite

Physical Properties 

  • Key concepts: the journey of life, stories, heroism, transportation, right action, movement, motion, takeover, in-control, initiative, adventure, decision-making, direction, advice, the right path, the inner compass.
  • Psi: the key "form" of the psyche, freedom from imprisonment, self-control.
  • Energy: cosmic cyclic law, rhythm, presence (active).
  • Banal: expertise, common sense, travel, movement, action.
  • Body part: the circulatory system, all those raceways, the roads of the body.
  • Associated ailments: Blocked veins or arteries, varicose veins, arteriosclerosis, blood pressure.
  • Action: run well.
  • Solution: clear blockages of the system. Exercise, movement, always keep the circulation going.

Additional Properties

  • Living in the now.
  • Accessing intuition and the inner compass, following the heart.
  • Movement within one's own limits.
  • Mixing with the personal and the world rhythms, awareness of the right and natural processes.
  • Mastery of circumstances and control of situations, taking the lead.
  • Establishing the creative rhythm in the activities.
  • Protection while traveling.
  • Decision making with immediate action.