The rune Sowilo (or Sol) also known as Sigil in Old English. It is the rune of the sun, expressing brightness, fertility and happiness with the celestial sphere. It speaks of the life force and the urge to grow, which is found in all living things.

Sowilo's symbols are the soaring eagle, the venerable oak and also the juniper and trees. Mistletoe, which is also associated with the twelfth rune, Jera, is another strong symbol of the Sun.

The shape of the rune suggests a lightning bolt descending upon the earth, a union that brings the mighty power of the mighty god of thunder, Thor, into the interpretation of the Sowilo rune.

Sowilo Rune Meaning

In the harsh northern world, the sun was loved by all. Sowilo, then, is above all a rune of love. Its appearance in a reading casts a warm glow over all the other runes, and remits much of the damage they can predict.

She is also a rune of hope, promising that the sun will rise again, even if you are in the darkest night. It is a particularly good rune when one is in trouble, because a happy outcome is guaranteed.

You could also say that Sowilo expresses the idea of poetic justice, because it indicates that the unjust will gain nothing but a fitting punishment for their crimes.

If you have a big decision to make, the appearance of Sowilo will reveal the truth of the situation, making your choice easier. There is also a spiritual dimension to this rune, and when weighed, contact with your inner self will guide you.

In matters of the heart, this rune is a good omen. Thor, one of the patron gods of Sowilo, was invoked at weddings in Viking times when brides wore red, the color of Thor, and held the god's symbol, the hammer, as vows were exchanged.

Sowilo signals a time when happiness and harmony will reign and justice will prevail. The rune connection with the sun can also indicate a pleasant vacation. It is also said to be a sign of victory in athletics or sports.

Inverted Sowilo Rune Meaning

Sowilo is a fixed rune and cannot be reversed.

Sowilo Rune Properties

Esoteric Properties

  • Element: Air
  • Tree: Willow
  • Color: Gold
  • Gemstone: Ruby

Physical Properties

  • Psi: central nervous system, seat of the soul, revelation, wholeness.
  • Energy: sun wheel, strengthening vril / chakra, cosmic energies, motivation, life-giving force, action.
  • Banal: sunlight, fire, meeting goals, confidence, action.
  • Body part: adrenal glands.
  • Associated ailments: Overactive or underactive adrenal glands, which can affect the immune system.
  • Action: fighting and winning.
  • Solution: exercise. Hard allopathic medicine may be needed.

Additional Properties

  • Transforming thought into energy for action.
  • Activating maximum values.
  • Strengthening the psychic centers (vril or chakras).
  • Increasing spiritual will and optimal health.
  • Guidance through the ways, "enlightenment.
  • Victory and success through individual will.