Thurisaz represents the TH tone in runic alphabet and symbolizes the word "frost giant " in the Ancient Norse language. It can also mean giant, monster, demon or devil, reflecting the original meaning. It can also be translated as thorn, wildfire, giant and ogre.

Thurisaz Rune Meaning

Thurisaz suggests boundaries, which in ancient Norse times were often marked by thickets of hawthorn. When this rune appears in a reading, it is important to know your boundaries.

Hasty decisions made now will be regretted later, so it is definitely not a time to go forward no matter how. Because of the rune meanings involving sharp objects, fangs, and snakes, Thurisaz can indicate a time of personal risk.

There are people around the person who are less honest and who do not have the best interests at heart. Extreme caution must be exercised, especially in business matters, because there is a risk of being betrayed.

However, this can only occur if one is not vigilant enough, so one must be warned. The rune can also indicate that one must soon defend oneself and one's own actions in some way.

It can also indicate that luck will come in the form of a challenge. Tradition says that if this rune is used as an amulet, it will blunt the words and weapons of enemies.

Reversed Thurisaz Rune Meaning

If you have any doubts about your actions, you should do nothing at all. If one acts hastily now, one will have plenty of time in the future to regret one's folly. A reverse Thurisaz states that gives warnings of direct meaning and indicates that one is in danger of walking directly into a trap.

It also indicates that one is likely to play into the hands of one's enemies and that one's rash actions will prove to be unlucky. When a reverse Thurisaz appears, one should take a step back and review one's situation. One should pause, reflect, and then proceed very cautiously.

Thurisaz Rune Properties

Esoteric Properties

  • Element: Fire
  • Tree: Oak
  • Color: Red
  • Gemstone: Beryl and Sapphire

Physical Properties

  • Key concepts: Unconscious forces, sociological forces, Thor, Loki as giant, chaos, destruction by natural forces, aggression attacks, conflicts, disputes, psychological problems, lightning, breakthrough, aggressive male sexuality, breaking barriers, thorn of awakening, anger , enthusiasm.
  • Psi: enthusiasm, fight against unconsciousness, male sexual feat.
  • Energy: enthusiasm, self-control, chaos, active defense power, resistance power, destructive storms.
  • Banal: storms, tools, weapons, conflicts.

Additional Properties

  • Destruction of enemies, curse bonds and fetters.
  • Awakening of the will to act.
  • Breaking of blockages in body, mind and spirit.
  • Increased potency and bravery in romantic relationships.
  • Understanding of the separation and detachment of all things.
  • The use of psychic power.
  • Combination of right / left brain processes to achieve strong realization