The rune Tiwaz in runic alphabet is associated to the god Tyr, while among the Saxons it was Tiw. Tiwaz is symbolically associated with the North Star, which "never fails", and with vows and unbreakable oaths.

The custom of holding the right hand while taking an oath derives from the story of Tyr. The trees of Tiwaz are the mighty oak and the hazel. The spear is also a symbol of Tiwaz, as one might expect, since the rune represents the god of war.

Tiwaz Rune Meaning

Binding oaths are given by Tiwaz. This may seem paradoxical, since Tiwaz broke his oath to the wolf, but the oath was made under duress and he had good reasons to lie. 

A worthy promise, made under the right conditions and for honorable reasons, should and must be kept. Marriage vows are an example. Tiwaz is thought to signify enduring love, and its appearance denotes a bond that, once made, cannot be broken.

However, Tiwaz is also an aggressively masculine rune, so tends to favor men rather than women, any relationship question answered by Tiwaz shows that passions will excite because two people with strong wills will be involved.

While sex will never be boring, the danger of jealousy will always be present. If the person asking the question is a woman, Tiwaz indicates that a strong and handsome man will love her fiercely and that she may have to sacrifice something great in her life to ensure that her bond with him remains strong.

For once this is done, the relationship will flourish. The love will be steadfast, or as Shakespeare described it, "as constant as the northern star."

Tiwaz also indicates success in business and sports. The rune suggests that legal decisions will also go in your favor. In these matters, as in matters of the heart, is an unshakable conviction that what you do is right, that which gives you strength to succeed.

Inverted Tiwaz Rune Meaning

Selfishness, dishonorable actions and return to responsibilities are indicated when Tiwaz is reversed. Women should not trust their husbands so easily, because in this position the rune often denotes a superficial relationship.

Tiwaz Rune Properties

Esoteric Properties

  • Element: Air
  • Tree: Oak
  • Color: Blood Red
  • Deity: Tyr
  • Gemstone: Coral

Physical Properties

  • Psi: spiritual warrior, honor, justice.
  • Energy: sovereign order, sacrifice, right decision making.
  • Banal: the rule of law, fairness, peacekeeping.
  • Associated ailments: Diseases of the immune system. Lowered immunity. Allergies
  • Action: Attack.
  • Solution: Do everything you can to support the immune system.

Additional Properties

  • Achieving victory and success in disputes, litigation, or legal matters.
  • Spiritual will and development of sound judgment.
  • Development of the power of positive self-sacrifice.
  • Development of the "power of faith" in magic and religion.