Uruz corresponds to the English letter U in runic alphabet and symbolizes the animal known as the aurochs, a now extinct European wild ox. Its earliest interpretations are strength, power, danger, wildness, potential, health, healing, and masculinity.

Later rune interpretations, based on medieval translations from Icelandic and Norwegian, describe the rune's "drizzle" and "iron slag" meanings.

Uruz Rune Meaning

The rune Uruz is the second act of creation. If Fehu was the divine spark, this rune is the water. Together they are an exceedingly powerful force of creation. However, Uruz is also grounded just like the powerful aurochs. Its stand is firm when its mind is not stirred, and yet its power can destroy when rage overtakes it.

Uruz contains the mighty power of Mother Earth. What the Greeks call their earth goddess Gaia, the Norse call her Jörd (from old Icelandic Jörð, the earth).

Other names include Fjörgyn, Fold, Grund, and Hlóðyn. She represents the world, before the creation of man - an unruly force of nature. Jord is a goddess of the Aesir. She is the mother of Frigg and also the mother of the god Thor.

So Jord is the primordial mother and also her power is in the rune Uruz.

The aurochs was a powerful totem animal in Norse folklore. These powerful creatures stood for strength. Already in cave paintings they were magnificently depicted and also in ancient times this stately animal still enjoyed a powerful reputation.

Their horns were often used as both hunting and drinking horns.

It is said that once the aurochs were captured alive by driving stakes around them. The live animal is said to have had its forelocks scalped along with the skin from its skull.

From this, for example, belts were made, which were supposed to have a positive effect on the fertility of the woman. Also the heart of the animal was cut out. In the process, the cruciform heart bone was exposed. This bone was said to have magical powers.

Uruz holds the wild creative power. She always goes to the UR-sprung, like the source of our energies. Her ties reach to the Urd-well. where the three Norns weave our destiny with the silver threads of Frigg. The ancient Norn is the wise Urd, and so Uruz is also the mother of knowledge, wisdom and the shaping of life. With Uruz, as with Fehu, you create something new, always from the source.

Uruz asks you if you are willing to take risks. Is your soul strong, your mind steady, and can you assert yourself when it matters? Can you use your creative powers and your very own energy?

You should go your way and trust in your being, which is connected with all times, your origin. Go wherever you have to go and do this with all your strength. Do not let yourself get out of balance. No matter what happens, stay calm and reflect on your strengths.

Reversed Uruz Meaning

Uruz Reversed in your reading shows that you have failed to seize the moment. You should not be afraid of a low self-image to hold you back (maybe you already have?) from any challenges you face. This reversed rune tells you that your willpower is weak now. Low vitality and illness are indicated.

When Uruz reversed appears for a man, it could indicate sexual problems. You may be unmotivated. They may experience bad luck. If Gebo or Thurisaz are with you, the power will be used against you. With Raidho or Eihwaz along, it can indicate that the lack of motivation is causing a change to happen for the better (unless the rest or the runes are negative, in which case you should let the change pass you by).

Uruz Rune Properties

Esoteric Properties

Element: Earth

Tree: Birch and Oak

Color: Orange and dark green

Deity: Ymir

Stone: Amber 

Physical Properties

  • Key Concepts: Vitality, physical health, courage, organic structure, manifestation, education, healing, strength, perseverance.
  • Psi: determination, perseverance, freedom, courage, will, territoriality, independence
  • Energy: vital forming power, archetypal patterning, raw primal power, survival, healing, perseverance, manifestation, organic structuring.
  • Banal: physical health, endurance

Additional Properties

  • Shaping and forcing happy circumstances creatively through will and inspiration.
  • Self-healing and good mental and physical health.
  • Asserting home, personal space, independence and freedom.
  • Strength and tenacity, courage, perseverance against all odds.
  • Ability to control aggression and take responsibility.
  • Rites of passage, especially into adulthood.