Svinfylking, or boar-headed deployment, was a type of wedge strategy, which takes its name from the svinfylking warriors, boar-warriors sacred to the Vanir gods, comparable to Berserker and Ulfhednar.

The formation consisted of a group of heavily armed warriors, probably for hand-to-hand combat, and lighter armed archers, grouped in a triangle formation in which the warriors defended the archers placed in the center or in the rear.

A cavalry attacking the svinfylking would be hit by the outside warriors with spears, causing havoc among the horses. Boar's head deployment could also be used as a wedge to break enemy lines.

Numerous svinfylking formations could be flanked forming a zig-zag line to break enemy ranks.

Svinfylking was based on surprise. If the wedge could not immediately break through enemy lines, the Viking warriors would not last long.